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All that we see or seem is but a dream with-in a dream

- Edgar Allan poe
Squawk Box
hushai777 5/5/2015 1:49 PM
Great time wrecking Elds castle last nite

Welcome - We are a casual guild on Shards of Dalaya (S0D). We believe this game should be played casually and that you shouldn't lose guild standing as a result. But, we take our characters seriously and want to see them increase; Thus, a casual play style with the goal of playing at the tier 3 level. 

Shards of Dalaya - For those of you not familiar with S0D, it is a legitimate emulator server based on EverQuest. It is very popular, giving the server lots of players, and It is free to play. It was developed very well, and the over all game mechanics are better balanced then EverQuest. Two very unique aspects of game play are; first, you can two box. This adds a whole new dimension to game play. Second, max group limit is 18. This smaller group provides a more controlled and intense experience. I encourage you to try it out and invite you to look for us online =)  

    Check out S0D's web site 

Applications - First to the the forums and read the general rules. Then, click on the "Join Raven's Bread" link located at the top of the page and follow the steps. Remember, when you are filling out the Guild Portal registration, the username you choose will also be your username on the forum, so please choose something people will associate with your characters. After your application is submitted see a Council Member in game for your invite. 
Guild News

Open Enrollment

hushai777, Aug 4, 10 11:42 AM.
We are currently in open enrollment. We are not trying to get too many people too quickly, so it will end soon. During open enrollment the rank requirements are ignored.
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